Pre-purchase / Pre-listing Home Inspection
Full home inspection from the roof to the foundation.

*Includes heating and cooling

*Electrical and plumbing system testing

*Same Day Report 
Lead Testing

Includes 3 tests on construction materials and an evaluation.          
Radon Testing
A-Tech uses Sun Nuclear continuous monitors. We'll complete a 48 hour monitor reading using closed building operations.  Testing service includes report in a binder with all information collected.
Mold Testing and Indoor Air Quality Testing

Lab results in 48 hours
Fire Damage Inspection
Includes all areas of structure and systems. This is a great first step prior to repairing damages.

Pre-Inspection Assessment
This service is for sellers. Inspection includes a punch list of repairs or issues that may stall the sale of the property. This is crucial prior to having a full Home Inspection so that issues detected can be repaired. A pre-inspection is a wise choice when looking to get top dollar for your home before listing it.

Home Maintenance Inspection
This service is to re-evaluate your property to catch concerns that may not seem to be evident while living in your home. This is a low cost evaluation and includes a report and consultation. This also can be used as a second opinion over the contractor trying to sell his service and products.
A bi-annual Inspection is suggested on every home, to keep the property performing correctly, and to keep the property at its highest value.

Rental Control Inspection
This inspection is for multi-residential landlord owners that need their property reviewed before a re-sale, during occupancy, during lease transfers and/or new rentals. Inspection includes reporting on the properties issues that may need repairs or up-grades and suggestions on energy efficient recommendations for the structure.
Renovation Project Inspections
Inspector will identify if the contractor is performing in accordance with the work practice requirements of EPA's RRP Rule, which helps eliminate dangers of contaminants in homes built before 1978 (lead) around the work site.

Occupancy Inspection
This inspection is to identify the occupant of a dwelling. Occupancy inspections are useful for commercial lenders, insurance companies and individual owners. Inspection includes reporting on occupancy of property. Report will state whether the property appears to be occupied or abandoned.

Drive-By Property Inspection
Drive-By inspections provide onsite verification of a property when no contact is needed with a borrower, owner or bank. Drive-By inspections are required and utilized by commercial lenders, insurance companies, lending companies, individual owners and more.
Inspection includes reporting on driveway conditions, property conditions, occupancy appearance, photos of properties exterior and neighborhood.
Insurance Inspection - For Lenders, Banks and Insurance Companies

Many lenders, banks and insurance companies need to have updated and accurate information about the property they mortgage or insure. Buyers and lenders may also want to inexpensively inspect the property before qualifying that the property is worth buying.
Inspection includes verifying current condition of the property for any risks, interior and exterior inspection, photos of the damaged property and any other duties needed to be performed.
New Construction Oversight Consulting
This service is to help clients during construction of their new home or building project.